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TamsinĀ de la Harpe - PawSafe

TamsinĀ de la Harpe

Certified Dog Trainer & Canine Behaviorist

Tamsin de la Harpe is the principal dog trainer and canine behaviorist for Pawsafe, located in  Bloemfontein, South Africa. As a seasoned expert with 15 years of experience in the realm of dog training, Tamsin offers insightful guidance to dog owners facing challenges with their pets, especially those with problem behaviors, rescues, and those focused on welfare. She’s not just a trainer; Tamsin fundamentally transforms the relationships between dogs and their owners.

Tamsin ensures that the dogs she trains are not just obedient but also mentally and nutritionally healthy. This comprehensive approach sets her apart, bringing harmony to households. She believes that every dog, regardless of its past, has the potential for a brighter future with the right guidance and understanding.

Her expertise encompasses problem dog rehabilitation, rescue and welfare initiatives, canine nutrition, and advanced behavioral techniques. Her audience mainly consists of pet owners, dog rescue organizations, and anyone passionate about canine well-being. Over her career, Tamsin has conducted numerous workshops, penned articles, and actively shared her knowledge with the broader canine community.

Currently, Tamsin is on the journey to enhance her skills even further by pursuing an advanced diploma in canine behavior. Her educational background includes certification as a dog trainer and behaviorist, along with a specialized certificate in nutrition.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Tamsin leads an enriching life on her homestead, surrounded by her Bullmastiff, Jack, Bull Terriers, Amy and Arthur, rescues, Penny and Josie, and her graceful horses, Ren and Reverie. When not engrossed in her canine world, Tamsin revels in the joys of homesteading and bonding with her animal companions.

Tamsin holds memberships and affiliations with various canine organizations, which further vouch for her credentials in the industry. To delve deeper into her journey or connect for collaboration, you can visit her LinkedIn profile.