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Tips For Reducing Your Dog Food Bill

Tips For Reducing Your Dog Food Bill

Looking after a dog can be expensive, particularly if you have a very small weekly budget to manage. Many find the costs too great and have to give their dogs up for re-homing. However, before you part with your loving best friend, there are some things you can do to reduce his food bill and save money.

1. Feed a “complete” dry feed

Dry food is typically cheaper than wet. However, make sure you look carefully at the label first. You want to look for a dry food that is labelled “complete.” This means that it contains all the right things your dog needs for a healthy diet.

2. Know Your Dogs’ Weight

The packaging on all dog food has feeding guidelines based on your dogs weight. But, do you know how much your dog actually weighs, or do you just guess?

It may surprise you to learn that many owners are unknowingly wasting money and risking their animals health by giving their dog more food than the manufacturers recommend.

3. Buy in Bulk

Buying bigger bags, or larger tins of dog food can add up to some big savings over a year.

4. Switch to a Cheaper Brand

Many owners stick to the established brands when buying dog food. However, the cheaper brands, and supermarket own brands can be just as good, and save you money.

5. Shop Online

Many retailers will give you a significant discount if you are prepared to buy online.

6. Cut Down on The Treats

If your dog is like mine, then he will love getting treats. However, they can be expensive to buy. Cutting down on the number of treats you give your dog can reduce your food bills significantly. And, making your own dog treats will cut the bill still further.

7. Use Money Off Coupons

Look through your magazines and newspapers for money off coupons. Also check online for e-vouchers.

8. Make Your Own Healthy Dog Food

Making your own dog food is not as hard as you might think. You then have complete control over the quality, content and cost of his daily meal.

Most of us sometimes need to cut back on our spending. When the finances are short everyone in the family has to make sacrifices, including your dog. Why not tweet, post, or pin this article and tell us what you would expect your dog to give up on in order to save money.