“I wasn’t about to risk my fur baby’s comfort by trying to cut his nails myself, but the Pet Nail Clippers make it easy to get professional results without any effort.”

Jean’s Review of the Pet Nail Clippers

Session 1:
This morning when I was playing with Bruno, he jumped on me and scratched up my leg. That’s when I decided I would try the Pet Nail Clippers for the first time.

I have to be honest, I was a ball of nerves. I would just feel horrible if I were to inflict any pain on my baby. But, as soon as I held the rubber grip and gave it an easy squeeze, I could tell these clippers are high quality.

But what really took the stress out of the equation was the nail guider and the illuminator feature. I just positioned Bruno’s paw in the guide and with the bright LED light I could see exactly where to cut the nail to avoid the blood line.

After today’s nail cutting session, I can say that I feel more confident and relaxed because of the convenient features. Anyone can use these Pet Nail Clippers!

Session 2:
It’s been a few weeks since I last used the Pet Nail Clippers, and Bruno needed another trim before I dropped him off at doggie daycare this morning.

Needless to say, the morning was a huge rush. I got out the Pet Nail Clippers and hoped it would be a fast and easy session. I didn’t feel nervous this time, so went at it-one nail in, one nail out. The precision blade is sharp and smooth, slicing fast and clean. I had Bruno’s nails trimmed in no time!

I really appreciate how convenient these clippers are- it definitely cut out a lot of time and struggle.

Session 3:
Hello! Today was nail day for Bruno. Using the Pet Nail Clippers is like second nature now. I’d say the whole process takes around 15 to 20 minutes tops.

After cutting Bruno’s nails 3 times, I decided to check out the nail catcher. It’s a small, built in compartment that holds the nail trimmings, so nail bits don’t go flying everywhere. I just popped it open and dumped the clippings into the trash.

Even though the nail catcher is a small detail, it makes a huge difference in convenience. It’s a pleasure not to have to waste time cleaning after cutting nails.

As you can tell, I’ve kinda fallen in love with these nail clippers. They are excellent quality and the blade slices clean. Bruno doesn’t flinch when I cut, which shows that he isn’t experiencing any discomfort. I’m happy to have discovered the Pet Nail Clippers- every pet owner should have one!

“I Never Have to Worry About Painful Nail Cutting or Costly Groomer Appointments Ever Again”

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Emma Smith 32 minutes ago
Can this be used on cat claws?
Olivia Johnson 2 hours ago
Yes, dogs and cats. I use it for my kitty and it works just fine.
Ava Williams 3 hours ago
Does it come with batteries?
Isabella Jones 4 hours ago
You will need to purchase 3 LR44/AG13 batteries.
Sophia Brown 5 hours ago
Why is the LED light so important?
Harry Davis 6 hours ago
Well. there is a sensitive blood vessel called the "quick" located in the claws. If you nick it, it can make your pet bleed and cause pain. The LED light lets you see the quick so you don't cut it.
Charlotte Miler 7 hours ago
I don't see how the light can shine through dark nails
Mia Moore 8 hours ago
I thought the same, but when I tried my friend's clippers on my dog's black nails, I could see the small circle (blood line) clearly. You just have to look at the nail head-on and use the magnifier.
George Wilson 9 hours ago
How much money can i save with this?
Amelia Taylor 10 hours ago
I've had mine for a year and I'll never go back to the groomer. I've saved over $200!
Evelyn White 11 hours ago
What happens to the nail trimmings?
Abigail Walker 12 hours ago
I was scared they'd end up all over my house, but actually there is a little compartment that captures nail trimmings. No mess and easy to clear out in the garbage.
Thomas Rodriguez 13 hours ago
My dog is pretty hyper..I don't know if I could keep her still to cut her nails.
Emily Borie 14 hours ago
Hey ! my dog is jumpy too, but the handle on these clippers makes it easy to hold, and the nail guide lets you settle your pup into a comfortable position. You can't make a wrong move.
Grace Romos 15 hours ago
How sharp is the blade?
Joseph Danis 16 hours ago
It's like a razor blade- super sharp and the cut is as clean as it gets. It's also made of steel, so you know the quality is top notch.
Oliver Thompson 17 hours ago
Where can I get one of these?
Victoria Garcia 18 hours ago
There are lots of fakes out there, so watch out. Here is the official website.
Zoey Clark 19 hours ago
Does this work on big dogs too?
Riley Lewis 20 hours ago
Yes, these Pet Nail Clippers work on any sized dog. I have a Rottweiler and use this all the time.
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