The Ultimate Quick Hack To Stop Dogs From Pulling

Alex Thompson

Alex Thompson

Does Your Dog Always Pull On Their Leash?

If so, this could be the most important article you read all year.

It all started with a slight tug here and there, which was manageable at first.

But as my Golden Retriever puppy grew stronger, the pulling got worse, and I found myself struggling to keep up.

At 2 years old, my boy weighed in at 29kg of muscle and fluff.

Despite my best efforts to train him to heel, nothing had been getting through to him.

The Walk of Shame

Every walk became a dreaded task as I got dragged from front to side to side, and wherever he wanted to go.

My neighbors would smile at us as we walked past their homes. But behind those smiles I felt both laughter and concern.

I wasn't walking my dog.

My dog was walking me...

I felt embarrassed.

But I was also in pain.

I knew that having your arm yanked from its socket for 30 minutes twice a day was not good for you.

The soreness in my elbow and shoulder did little to persuade me otherwise.

I'm not a lazy person. But watching hours of training videos on Youtube never seemed to work for me.

My dog didn't listen.

I tried a local dog trainer but they kept trying to put me on a 10-session package at the cost of hundreds of dollars.

I couldn't afford that.

I love my dog but I was at my wits end. I knew that something had to change...

... and that's when a close friend told me about a new type of dog harness that was specially designed to stop dog pulling behavior for good.

The Ultimate Hack?

This was new to me.

How could the design of a harness actually affect a dog's behavior?

I began to do some research for myself...

I then found out that what I had been experiencing was actually very common.

In fact, experts say that regular collars and harnesses can actually encourage pulling in dogs.

With a regular harness your dog feels your weight behind them and feels like they have to pull harder and harder to keep moving.

It becomes a natural instinct - a bit like a dog pulling a sled.

Unfortunately, you're the sled.

And, this is what makes the PawSafe No Pull Harness so unique.

Like Mary had said - this harness works through its special front D-ring design.

Whenever your dog pulls on their leash, the front attachment works as a pivot to spin your dog back round to face you.

This discourages your dog from pulling and brings their attention back to you.

The product had hundreds of good reviews of dog owners who had said how much this has helped them walking their dogs.

As I continued to look around it seems that PawSafe are the market leaders in this field and also had a catalog of other interesting products for dogs.

Everything is shipped locally from within the United States and they are known for their excellent customer service.

They even have a 90-day money back guarantee.

The harness is suitable for all dog breeds but you need to choose the size that will fit your dog.

I checked their size chart and saw that a Large size was best fitting for my dog's neck and chest girth which also fitted their approximate weight guiding.

I decided to give it a go and made the purchase through their online store.

It was quick and easy.I was excited, but nervous at the same time.

It seemed so simple.

Was this really the solution to better walks with my dog?

A Brand New Dog

I received a shipping confirmation the day after I ordered.

There was a small shipping delay after it had left the warehouse so it ended up taking about 4 days to get to me from then.

But when I received it I could see it was very well made and I a lot of thought had been put into the design.

The reflective stripes down the straps were a bonus as I sometimes like to walk my dog along the road at night.

I liked how easy the harness was to adjust. After fitting it to my dog we set off about to put it to the test.

Day 1

Walking my dog with the front leash attachment felt a bit strange at first but the difference it made was incredible!

It felt like I was leading my dog rather than my dog leading me. When he started to get ahead he would tentatively stop and look back at me.

A few times he did get ahead of me and stretched the leash. He looked a bit confused when it spun him back round.

Day 3

I'm impressed with how this has been working.

My dog doesn't like it when he gets spun to the side so he's started paying more attention to me.

I'm used to the position of the leash a bit more now and it feels a bit more natural. But the best thing is my dog has started to walk beside me rather than in front of me.

Day 7

Now I have my dog's attention I've started to try and train him as well.

Most of the time now he is not pulling but the few times he does and the harness pivots him back to face me I change my walking direction and say "heel".

I feel like he's finally understanding that I'm in control now. It's amazing. I think after a few more weeks of this he won't even try to pull at all. It's like I have a brand new dog!

Why Dog Owners Love The PawSafe Harness

Aside from the awesome no-pull mechanism, the PawSafe Harness has a bunch of other features which make it so popular such as:

  • Reflective stitching which make it easy to see your dog at night or low-light conditions
  • A padded chest for support, comfort and even pressure distribution
  • Breathable material to keep dogs cool and comfortable when they're hot and excited
  • Easy quick-release buckles that allow for hassle-free putting the harness on and off

I was impressed and had to send my thanks back to Mary for the recommendation.

Most Common Questions

UPDATE: Since we published this article it has got quite a lot of attention. We will try and keep the following section updated with your most common questions.

It's really simple. Just attach your leash to the front clip on the harness which will help to redirect your dog's attention towards you.

There's a size chart on the PawSafe website. They've set out roughly which harness size should fit each weight of dogs but for the best fit you should measure the girth of your dog's neck and chest then refer to their size chart.

Yes, the PawSafe harness is fully adjustable around the neck and chest, so you can ensure a comfortable and snug fit for your dog. This adjustability also allows for room to grow and changes in weight.

Yep. The harness is designed to easily slip over your dog's head and then clip around the chest.

All PawSafe products are backed by a 90-day returns guarantee they call the 'PawSafe Promise'. You also get a 12-month manufacturers warranty.

Where To Buy PawSafe Harness?

The PawSafe No Pull Dog Harness is not available at pet stores, you can only find it online.

You’re in luck, because there is a flash sale going on now with 40% off while supplies last.

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Internet-only offer

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