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How This $34 Dog Harness Safely Stops Unwanted Leash Pulling For Good

Lisa Finley

Dog Collars Cause Physical & Emotional Trauma

Most pet owners believe the traditional dog collar protects their precious pups...

Think again. Studies show that over 25,000 dogs are either injured or killed by collar strangulation every year.

The PawSafe Dog Harness is the safest alternative, with a comfortable open neck design that prevents stressful leash pulling and choking.

The PawSafe Dog Harness helps with…

🥰 Safe & Comfortable Fit: Too tight collars can lead to strangulation. The PawSafe Dog Harness slides over the head and hugs the chest, so the neck is always free of any strain.

📏 Adjustable Sizing: All dogs are built differently. The PawSafe Dog Harness let’s you get the sizing just right, with straps that are easy to adjust for any dog breed, size and age.

⚔️ No Leash Pulling: The PawSafe Dog Harness features one metal ring on the front and a second ring on the back to attach a leash. You’re in complete control- no more getting dragged down the street!

🏁 Ready for Action: Clip a dog seat belt onto the harness for safer car rides or go for walks at night without worry. The harness straps feature bright reflective tape that makes your pup visible to drivers in the dark.

If Your Dog Could Talk, What Would She Say About Their Tight Collar?

Does your dog struggle when you try to put a collar around her neck? Or, how many times has she slipped out of the collar and run away during a walk? Your best bud is trying to tell you something…

Wearing a tight collar around the neck is painful and uncomfortable!

But, even though studies show an alarming rise in collar related injuries, pet owners are either unaware of the dangers or don’t know what safer alternatives are out there.

The PawSafe Dog Harness Was Designed to Keep Canines Safe & Happy

The PawSafe Dog Harness has been tested and approved by veterinarians across the globe. Today, it is the leading harness on the market for quality manufacturing and exceptional safety features.

The strong straps slide over the head to rest lightly on the broadest part of the shoulders and chest for a relaxed fit that keeps your dog calm, while you’re always in control.

The PawSafe Dog Harness is the ultimate NO choke, NO pull solution. Finally, you can go for walks with your best friend without the stress!

What Makes PawSafe Dog Harness the Best Choice for Your Pet?

“Ruff” & Tough Materials
Heavy duty straps, lock-buckle and breathable mesh padding ensures long lasting durability.

No Injury Risk
The open neck design prevents choking, with metal rings that are strategically placed so that your dog can’t pull on the leash. A padded grab handle allows you to hold your dog steady during moments of excitement.

Night Time Safety
The PawSafe Dog Harness has bright reflective tape interwoven through the straps, specifically for use at night. When darkness falls and you’re out on the road, drivers will be able to spot you immediately.

For All Dogs
The straps of the PawSafe Dog Harness are fully adjustable to accommodate your dog’s unique shape, no matter the age or breed.

Dog can wear the harness anywhere! It’s perfect for car rides, bike rides, hiking, dog parks, walks or even if you’re just relaxing at home.

“After Almost Losing My Dog to a Collar, I Was Scared to Try a Harness...But PawSafe Changed My Mind”

Ella from Arizona had an unnerving story to tell us about her beloved Frenchie, Lilly.

“Lilly almost died from collar strangulation a few months ago,” she said.

It was a typical morning, and Ella let her out in the backyard to relieve herself. Ella said she turned his back for a minute, and that’s all it took for disaster to strike

“I turned and saw Ping struggling in mid air. She had tried to jump a miniature picket fence and her collar had snagged on the top,” Ella confided.

After that harrowing incident, Ella completely lost her trust in dog collars. She told us that she hasn’t found any alternatives that meet her high safety standards.

We asked Ella to put the PawSafe Dog Harness to the test. With a hint of fear in her voice, he agreed to give it a try. Here’s what happened.

Ella & Lilly's Review of the PawSafe Dog Harness

Day 1

I haven’t taken Lilly on a walk since the fence incident because I’m terrified to put a collar on her. With the new PawSafe Dog Harness in hand, it was time to make moves.

The straps are super thick without feeling too stiff or scratchy. It’s an open neck design, so that already made me feel less worried about choking.

The straps are super thick without feeling too stiff or scratchy. It’s an open neck design, so that already made me feel less worried about choking.

As we set out, Lilly immediately tried to strain against the leash, but the positioning of the leash ring on the back of the harness made it impossible for her to pull. Soon, she was calmly walking beside me- which she never did with a collar!

Day 2

I got home late from work today, so it was dark by the time I took sweet Lilly on her walk. I’m always hesitant to go out with her at night, especially with her small size. She’s pretty much invisible to drivers.

Well, that’s where the PawSafe harness saved the day. There’s silver reflective tape woven into the straps, and you can really see it against bright headlights.

My neighbor slowed down in his car because he had seen Lilly's harness glowing from way down the road. He was curious as to what it was and had to stop for a look!

Day 3

Today, I took my girl Lilly to the park for some play time.

Car rides have always been a struggle with Lilly. She’s a small dog with a lot of energy, so she jumps around, unless she’s restrained.

I have to say, the harness made the whole ride way more enjoyable. I really like the grip handle on the back of the harness, it gave me more leverage to safely lift Lilly up into my car.

Then, I attached the PawSafe dog seat belt to the back harness ring and we were off on our adventure. With Lilly comfortably restrained next to me, I didn’t have to worry about her distracting me or accidentally falling out the window.


At first, I was nervous about choking, but the open neck design prevents any kind of strangulation. It’s easy to put on and I could adjust the straps to fit Lilly perfectly. Most importantly, my dog loves it. She seems calmer and less agitated when we go out. Seeing her happy has turned me into a devout PawSafe fan for life!

Dog Collar

Open neck; choke-free

Can cause injury or death

No pull design

Dog can pull and slip out

Front & back leash rings

Only one ring on neck

Reflective at night

Drivers can’t see your dog

Compatible with seat belt

Not recommended for seat belt

Teaches dog to walk calmly

No control; you get dragged

Paws Down, This Dog Harness is the Safest Choice!

The PawSafe Dog Harness is the quality restraint for the modern day dog that holds comfort and safety to the highest standard.

The open neck design supports the chest and locks snugly in place to prevent choking, pulling or escaping. Non toxic breathable mesh padding cushions your dog’s skin, so she always feels comfortable.

Go anywhere with your best friend by your side. Whether it’s a nighttime walk, car ride or outdoor fun, there’s no more stress or struggle when the PawSafe Dog Harness has your back.

Thousands of Pet Owners Say This is the Safest Dog Harness on the Market

Since its release, the PawSafe Dog Harness has quickly racked up thousands of 5 star reviews from happy parents.

Customers say that the quality is top notch and love the various features that make it easy to use, including adjustable sizing, front/back leash rings and the no pull design.

Most of all, dog owners feel peace of mind knowing that their fur babies are guarded against choking.

Where Can I Get This?

The PawSafe Dog Harness is not available at pet stores, you can only find it online.

You’re in luck, because there is a flash sale going on now with 40% off while supplies last. Now’s the chance to buy gifts for all of your dog loving friends and family!

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Love it!

"I like this harness! The standard harnesses dug into our pups chest and left sores. This one does not do that! It feels very comfortable and I do feel that we have more control with the front clip."

- Mike Wilkinson

Great harness!

"I own my own dog training business and recommend this harness to every one of my clients when training loose leash walking. This harness is SO durable (even for teething puppies!)"

- Jane Sail

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Hi, I’m Lisa. I'm a huge pet lover and activist. You can always find me at the nearby dog park or volunteering at the Dallas SPCA. I write about pet care and tips and also work as a kindergarten school teacher.

- Lisa Finley

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Amanda Lindeman

• 35 minutes ago

I'm concerned about my puppy squirming out of this harness. Can he escape from it?



Lynna Cruz

• 2 hours ago

Not if you tighten it normally and use the front clip instead of the top clip.



Jerry Poppe

• 3 hours ago

Is the clip leash on the back? Or on the chest?



Kerrie Parrish

• 3 hours ago

There are two clips, the one in front is very useful for dogs that pull. The other one you can use if your dog walks normally.



Sadie Galloway

• 4 hours ago

Is it washable?



Barbara Fleming

• 5 hours ago

It says it's machine washable but I washed mine by hand.



Chris Williams

• 6 hours ago

Can this harness be used with a dog seat belt?



Brooke Kirchner

• 7 hours ago

Yep, that's how I use mine. In the car you want to make sure you use the back leash clip.



Ruth Noel

• 8 hours ago

Are both the front and back rings metal?



Janice McGowan

• 9 hours ago

Yep, metal.



Robert Hicks

• 10 hours ago

My dog has a 15 inch neck and 24 inch girth, and weighs 30 lbs (small brittany spaniel). is small the best size for her?



George Morgan

• 11 hours ago

Yes, it will work. I just went by my dog's weight and used the straps to make it fit perfectly.



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