Regain Full Control Of Walks, Without Hurting Your Dog

MYTH — Using a choke collar is the best way to control hyperactive dogs.

Proper leash skills turn into behavior when enforced with perfect timing and leadership, not pain and fear.

The PawSafe Harness has a gentle Anti-Pull technology that instantly stops your dog from pulling, even at its slightest attempt.

Fully adjustable to fit snugly on all breeds and sizes. Comfortable & secure for long walks.

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Reflective trim for safety

Prevents neck & throat injury

3-Point Maximum Control

Sturdy & Breathable Material

How It Works

End Stressful & Tiring Walks In 3 Steps

Put on the No-Pull Harness over your dog’s head and around its body. Make sure it’s high up on the chest, sitting just below the throat This ensures the pressure and control get evenly distributed on their body, instead of their neck. 

Using the 4 adjustment points, ensure your No-Pull Harness fits snugly around your dog’s body. Not too tight, not too loose. This prevents your dog from escaping and slipping off, even if they try to.

Attach your dog’s leash onto the front D-ring of the harness then you’re ready to hit the road!

End Tug-of-War Before It Actually Happens

The PawSafe No Pull harness features a unique front ring attachment that gently tugs and swings your dog back to you the second they try to pull. This takes the strains and pressures off your dog’s neck while giving you full body control. 

This features 3 control points: front and back D-rings for the leash, plus a rear grip handle so it’s easy and quick for you to grab your dog, especially if they love to jump and lunge. 

Enjoy Calmer & Peaceful Walks From Now On

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Suitable For All Dog Breeds & Sizes

Here at PawSafe, we understand that dogs (even of the same breed) vary in sizes. Thus, in designing the harness, we ensured it fits the tiniest Chihuahua up to the largest Great Dane.

This means our harness comes in 5 distinct sizes with fully adjustable straps so no matter how big your puppy gets, you don’t need to keep upgrading just for the size. 

Significantly Improve Your Dog’s Leash Skills & Walk Quality

Dogs naturally get excited outside because all of their senses get stimulated at the same time.

However, if your dog refuses to follow your pace and direction, more than the lack of ‘heel’ training, the walking accessory you’re using promotes and enables that behavior. 

Worse, they feel rewarded every time they successfully pull you around. So for the next walks, they know to pull harder. 

The PawSafe No Pull Harness effectively discourages pulling behavior, thanks to its No-Pull Technology. Every time they try to pull or runoff, the harness swings them back to you. Plus, if you need to grab them quickly, the rear handle makes it easy for you to do so. 

Over time, they’ll eventually learn how to ‘heel’, without the need to actively train, choke, or shock them. 

Effortlessly Correct Your Dog’s Pulling Behavior

Get Your PawSafe No-Pull Harness Today

10x Better Than Regular Collars And Harnesses

The PawSafe No-Pull Harness is specifically designed for painless correction, maximum control, and hassle-free walks. 

Unlike other walking accessories, this discourages your dog from pulling, without choking them and causing neck damage and throat injury. 

This is made with heavy-duty straps and rings, combined with a thick yet breathable mesh padding which makes it durable and long-lasting use. Plus, it has a reflective trim along the harness to keep you and your pooch safe, especially on night walks.