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Healthiest Dog Teeth Without Any Brushing: This $29 No-Brush Solution Eliminates Tartar, Plaque, And Bad Doggy Breath

Lisa Finley
Senior Editor

What is the PawSafe® Mouthwash and how does it work? 

Just like your own teeth, your dog’s teeth need regular care. That’s how you keep your pup healthy and happy, and prevent big problems like receding gums, significant pain, and tooth loss. 

The trouble is, most dog parents already know this. And yet, they find it impossible to do anything about it. Because let’s face it, brushing your dog's teeth is stressful for you... and miserable for your pup. 

That's why the PawSafe® Dog Mouthwash is such a breakthrough product. it gives your dog complete dental care and protection — without any brushing. 

With the PawSafe® Mouthwash, you can eliminate your dog’s plaque and tartar buildup, keeping their gums and teeth clean and healthy. The PawSafe Mouthwash also eliminates bad doggy breath, which means you don't have to run for cover each time your pup yawns.

The end result is that the PawSafe® Dog Mouthwash keeps your dog healthy and his or her teeth protected. And all in just a few seconds a day, without any stress or struggle. 

The PawSafe Mouthwash eliminates tartar, plaque, and bad breath — without any brushing!

100% safe, vet-formulated ingredients

To give your dog the PawSafe® Mouthwash, simply add a tablespoonful to a bowl of water. Have your pup drink the water as they normally would. And that's it! Your dog's teeth will be protected automatically.

The key to the PawSafe Mouthwash are its vet-formulated ingredients. These ingredients support bone mineral density... strengthen gums... eliminate plaque and tartar... and kill the bacteria that are responsible for bad breath. Most important of all, each of these ingredients is safe for dog's teeth and is safe for a dog to ingest, each and every day.

Simply add a tablespoon of the PawSafe mouthwash to your pup’s regular water bowl

What makes PawSafe® Dog Mouthwash ideal for protecting your pup’s teeth?

Removes and Prevents Plaque and Tartar
The PawSafe Mouthwash melts away even hardened plaque and tartar, and prevents the formation of new deposits. 

Eliminates Bad Breath
The natural ingredients in the PawSafe Mouthwash kill bacteria responsible for chronic bad breath. 

Good for Gums
The PawSafe Mouthwash promotes gum health by eliminating harmful dental plaque.

No Brushing
Using the PawSafe Mouthwash takes just a few seconds a day, and involves no stress or struggle. 

Safe and Proven Ingredients
All ingredients in the PawSafe Mouthwash are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for dogs to ingest. 

Dogs Love It And Don't Fight It
The PawSafe Mouthwash has no detectable taste, which means your pup feels like they are just drinking water — with no stress or resistance. 

The PawSafe Mouthwash was formulated with the help of veterinarians and the experts in-house at PawSafe 

“Our vet commented on how good Mia’s teeth look now!”

Katie from New Mexico is the proud owner of a 4-year-old retriever-mix rescue named Mia. Katie used to think Mia’s teeth were just fine... and then one day, Mia yawned really big.Katie finally saw those WAY back teeth in Mia’s mouth. Katie says that they... were... gross. No wonder Mia’s breath was so bad.

Katie tried brushing Mia’s teeth. The problem was Mia, like many dogs, absolutely hated the tooth-brushing experience.

Katie says she felt guilty because she knew how important dental hygiene was for Mia. At the same time, she hated chasing her pup around and stressing her out — without even achieving anything. She was desperate and asking online for help. 

When we heard Katie’s story, we decided to contact her with an offer to try out the PawSafe Mouthwash for just two weeks. 

Katie was skeptical when we told her the mouthwash was a total solution for doggie dental health. In Katie’s own words: “I wanted to believe that the mouthwash would work... but it sounded too good to be true. So I decided to give it an honest try. And boy am I glad that I did.”

Here’s the report that Katie wrote up about her experience with the PawSafe Mouthwash:

Kate & Ping's Review of the PawSafe® Dog Mouthwash

Day 1

The PawSafe® Mouthwash arrived in the mail (fast delivery!) and my first impression was positive. A high-quality product. I opened it up and took a whiff — a faint smell of peppermint.

I put a tablespoon of the stuff into Ping's usual water bowl. And that was it, that's all the work it took.

Ping lapped up her water without any question. I guess a single tablespoon in a whole bowl made it so she couldn't taste or smell anything.

Throughout the rest of the day, Ping went on about as usual. I didn't notice any major changes on her teeth, though her breath was definitely much better. But the real changes were just to come.

Days 2-7

I kept adding the PawSafe® Mouthwash to Ping's water. She drank her water as normal. She also ate and behaved perfectly normally. That was important to me, because I wanted to make sure the PawSafe Mouthwash was helping her teeth, but not affecting her in any other way.

Her breath kept getting better. It became flat out pleasant. But more important, the improvement in her teeth started becoming real! Those back teeth, which were covered in thick deposits of tartar and plaque, started looking clean. The deposits were melting away, and teeth were getting brighter.

I was overjoyed. Ping just looked at me with puzzlement... After all, from her point of view, nothing had changed.

Day 14

It has now been two weeks since we started using the PawSafe® Mouthwash. Ping's teeth are looking great. In fact, I went to the vet yesterday and he commented on how good her teeth look now.

I asked him about the ingredients in PawSafe mouthwash. He gave them his seal of approval, and said they are all fine for dogs to ingest in that recommended amount.

And he was impressed Ping's teeth looked so great without brushing. "This mouthwash is obviously working for you," he said, "so keep it up."

I most definitely will. I keep adding the PawSafe Mouthwash to Ping's water every day. It's super easy to do. There's no stress like with brushing. And the proof is in how good Ping's teeth look, not to mention the huge improvement in her breath. Highly recommended product!

Which dogs can use the PawSafe® Mouthwash?

Thanks to its safe and vet-formulated ingredients, you can use the PawSafe® Mouthwash with your dog, regardless of size or breed. The PawSafe Mouthwash is safe to use with any dog over 12 weeks old.

And since we've formulated the PawSafe Mouthwash to have no detectable taste, even finicky dogs will happily go along with it. They don't know it, but they are working on their own dental health just by drinking water!

You can safely use the PawSafe Mouthwash with your dog, regardless of their breed or size

A breakthrough product: Our final thoughts

Since launching earlier this year, the PawSafe® Dog Mouthwash has become a sensation, with over bottles sold to satisfied dog parents around the world. The company is working to keep up with demand, but it warns that supplies of the PawSafe Mouthwash might run out temporarily if the current demand keeps up. 

And no wonder. The PawSafe Mouthwash is an easy, safe, and responsible way to protect your pup teeth now and in the future. It provides total dental care, in just a few seconds a day, without any stress or struggle. And that’s something that every dog — and their owners — can benefit from.

Where can you get the PawSafe® Mouthwash? 

The PawSafe® Mouthwash is ONLY sold directly from the producer, and cannot be bought in stores or on Amazon. 

Right now, the PawSafe company is offering a special 40% OFF discount for the next 250 buyers. Click the button below if you would like to see whether this discount is still available. 

PawSafe® Dog Mothwash is ONLY available online and cant be found in stores

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Keep His Teeth Clean, Strong, and Healthy

"I just wish I would have found this product earlier for my 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, as I truly believe he’d still have most of his teeth if he had been using this! The minty flavor is a nice touch, too!

- Jess L

Nothing Else Except PawSafe Worked!

“We tried dental sticks, minty treats, brushing her teeth...nothing worked on our Dachshund Cindy’s horrible breath. But this worked on day 2! This stuff is amazing!”

- Andrea W

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Hi, I’m Lisa. I'm a huge pet lover and activist. You can always find me at the nearby dog park or volunteering at the Dallas SPCA. I write about pet care and tips and also work as a kindergarten school teacher.

- Lisa Finley

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Amanda Lindeman

• 35 minutes ago

What are the ingredients of this?



Lynna Cruz

• 2 hours ago

The ingredients are listed on the label and the website.

From the website: The main ingredients are:

Sodium Bicarbonate: This is baking soda, and has been used as an abrasive scrub to remove tartar and plaque from teeth for years.

Potassium Sorbate: This supports bone mineral density in teeth and strengthens gums.

Sodium Benzoate: This is also effective against plaque, eliminating bacteria that causes bad breath.

Peppermint & Spearmint oils: All natural essential oils that freshen breath.



Jerry Poppe

• 3 hours ago

How does this actually eliminate bad breath? In other words, people can eat a mint to freshen their breath, but that only masks underlying problems.



Kerrie Parrish

• 3 hours ago

The ingredients actually kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. I think the baking soda is what does it. 



Sadie Galloway

• 4 hours ago

Do you have to refrigerate this - what is the shelf life?



Barbara Fleming

• 5 hours ago

No refrigeration is needed. The shelf life is over 2 years and every bottle has an expiration date on it.



Chris Williams

• 6 hours ago

Is this veterinary approved?



Brooke Kirchner

• 7 hours ago

I showed it to my Vet and she had no problem with it. Bear has been on it for a long time and before that my little Shih thuz,s were on it as well. No adverse effects and helps with their breath.



Ruth Noel

• 8 hours ago

Should this be kept in drinking water for all day drinking or once daily?



Janice McGowan

• 9 hours ago

I would leave it down as long as it takes your pet to drink the 8 oz. of water with the 1 tsp. of formula in it. My dog drinks pretty much the whole bowl of 8 oz. at one time when I give it to him, but he's a big dog. Another dog might lap at it throughout the day.



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