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Stop Destructive Chewing the Safe, All-Natural Way

This Bitter Anti-Chew Spray Deters Dogs From Chewing Your Favorite Belongings

Lisa Finley
Monday August 2, 2021

What is the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray and How does it Work?

Imagine returning home after a long day of work to find your expensive leather shoes completely shredded. And then there’s your dog, peering up at you with those big puppy eyes!

Unfortunately, it’s a scenario dog owners may have to deal with if their furry friends love to chew. Wood furniture, clothes, shoes, and even electrical cables aren’t safe from those chompers!

The thing is, chewing is actually essential for canine oral health, but it’s not so great for your wallet if they go for your personal belongings. 

That’s why the PawSafe Anti-Chew spray is quickly becoming the all-natural product pet owners rely on to take a bite out of destructive chewing. 

Our non-toxic spray uses a potent bittering agent to deter dogs. Sensitive canine noses can’t stand the smell, and they quickly forget their need to feed..on your stuff!

It works on any type of material or surface with gentle ingredients that won’t damage your personal items. A quick spritz is all that’s needed and you’re out the door!

Puppies and dogs chew to keep teeth strong, but your favorite belongings pay the price!

Safe For Your Stuff, Unsavory For Your Pup

There are exactly three ingredients in the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray: water, a bittering agent, and a preservative. It’s 100% safe for pets and potent enough to stop excessive chewing.

Bittering agents are found in all sorts of products, and is commonly used as a flavoring agent in many of the foods we consume. 

So even if your dog gets close enough to nibble, not only will the better smell send them running, but you won’t have to worry about them getting sick- it’s non toxic and harmless.

Simply spray a generous amount on your shoes, furniture, clothing, curtains, cables, or children’s toys and you can go about your day with peace of mind.

Dogs are naturally repelled by the smell and taste of bitter flavoring

What Makes the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray the Ideal Solution to Stop the Chomp?

This Stuff is Potent
We've developed one of the strongest formulas on the market that has been tested and approved for effectiveness.

Non Toxic Formula
The main ingredient is a natural bittering agent that repels dogs instead of chemicals.

Fast and Easy
Just spritz a generous amount on your target items and you’re out the door, knowing nothing will get chewed!

Great for Cats
If your feline friend uses your furniture as a scratching post, this spray will put a stop to the mayhem.

NO Damages
You can use our gentle spray on wood, fabric, clothing, leather, plastic, rubber, and more!

Safe for Humans
Unlike chemical agents, our spray isn’t harmful to use around pets or children. We dont suggesting tasting it yourself however!

Vet Approved
Our award-winning chew spray formula was developed by veterinarians and produced in the USA.

“This is the only anti-chew product I’ve tried that actually works”

Sharon from Florida has a 7-month-old German Shepherd named Stevie, whose adolescent chewing started to take a toll on her stuff.

Sharon turned to the internet, venting online about how she tried everything to deter Stevie, from buying expensive toys to taking him on extra walks in the hopes of tiring him out.

Nothing seemed to work, and one day when she arrived home to find her phone and laptop charging cables destroyed, not only was she disappointed, but also nervous about Stevie’s safety.

After reading about Sharon’s plea for advice online, we contacted her and asked if she’d be interested in testing the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray for two weeks, reporting back about her honest experience. 

At first, Sharon was skeptical, especially since she’d never heard of a “bittering” agent before. In her own words: “I just didn’t believe it would be strong enough to work. Luckily I gave it a shot though, because it literally saved my house!”

Here’s the report that Sharon wrote up about her experience using the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray.

Kate & Ping's Review of the PawSafe Anti-Chew

Day 1

My PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray arrived in the mail today, right before it was time for me to leave the house for my yoga class! I was excited to try it out, especially since I found Stevie chewing on my sneaker this morning.

Thankfully this stuff is super easy to use. I was in a rush getting ready for yoga, but applying it takes a minute at most. 

I decided to test it out on the sneakers that seem to be Stevie’s flavor of the day. I followed the directions on the packaging and shook the bottle well, then held it six inches away from the sneakers and unleashed the bitter fury within.

Make sure not to spray too close to your face! I accidentally got a tiny drop in my mouth and boy is that stuff potent! It’s non-toxic though, so you won’t get sick, you’ll just hate how bitter it is!

Anyways, I left for yoga on time and when I arrived home an hour and a half later, I found Stevie curled up on the couch cuddling with his stuffed bear and my sneakers were just as I left them!

Days 2-7

I was impressed with my sneakers, but I knew it was time to really put this spray to the test. Before I left for work all day, I went around the house and sprayed a number of items. I coated the curtains in my living room, my laundry basket, and the legs of my couch.

I was a little nervous about how the spray would affect my clothes, but I tested a small area on a sock and there was no discoloration or staining.

Finally, I sprayed my cables, as this is what scares me the most. I don’t know what I’d do if Stevie got shocked from chewing them!

I arrived home later in the day and honestly was expecting at least a shoe or two to be scattered somewhere, covered in slobber.

Lo and behold, nothing was out of place. All of the items I had sprayed were just as I left them, and Stevie was wagging his tail as if waiting for praise for his good boy behavior. 

Is this it? Have I solved won the battle against the serial chewer? I’m still wondering if Stevie could build up a tolerance to the bitter taste/smell over time, so I’m going to do a bit more testing until I make my decision.

Day 14

It’s the end of my trial putting the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray to the test, and it has been an enlightening two weeks, to say the least.

As I mentioned, I was nervous that Stevie would get used to the bitter flavor and go back to chewing, but miraculously that did not happen.

Once he got that first whiff, he made this cute snuffing sound with his nose and backed away...far away! I guess he figured it’s something to leave alone, and he forgot all about it.

Now Stevie is sticking to his chew toys and hasn’t destroyed a shoe or cable in the two weeks I’ve used the spray. This stuff works and has eliminated a ton of stress and wasted money! Highly recommend!

I most definitely will. I keep adding the PawSafe Mouthwash to Ping's water every day. It's super easy to do. There's no stress like with brushing. And the proof is in how good Ping's teeth look, not to mention the huge improvement in her breath. Highly recommended product!

Which Dogs Can Use the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray?

Our formula has been tested and approved for safety, with only three basic ingredients, including a natural bitter flavoring that is found in many of the foods we eat.

That makes the PawSafe Anti-Chew spray a safe and effective product for puppies and dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. It’s also suitable for cats who enjoy sharpening their claws on your furniture! 

Just like humans stay away from certain objects with an unsavory smell or taste, the same concept is applied to our furry friends. No toxic chemicals are necessary!

You can safely use the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray with your dog, regardless of their breed or size.

Thousands of Pawrents Are Raving About the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray

Does the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray really work? All you have to do is look at the numbers. Pet owners are raving about how it has helped stop destructive chewing, with over 284,928 products sold to date!

You don’t have to invest in expensive training or chemical products to keep your household items from becoming chew toys. Our potent spray is safe, easy to use, and works immediately with one quick spritz!

Where Can You Get the PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray?

The PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray is ONLY available online through the pawSafe website and cannot be found in physical stores.

Right now, PawSafe is offering a 40% discount for a limited time only to give pet owners a chance to see the results for themselves. But act fast, because products are flying off the shelves! Click the link below to order your PawSafe Anti-Chew Spray at 40% OFF right now!

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Keep His Teeth Clean, Strong, and Healthy

"I just wish I would have found this product earlier for my 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, as I truly believe he’d still have most of his teeth if he had been using this! The minty flavor is a nice touch, too!

- Jess L

Nothing Else Except PawSafe Worked!

“We tried dental sticks, minty treats, brushing her teeth...nothing worked on our Dachshund Cindy’s horrible breath. But this worked on day 2! This stuff is amazing!”

- Andrea W

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Hi, I’m Lisa. I'm a huge pet lover and activist. You can always find me at the nearby dog park or volunteering at the Dallas SPCA. I write about pet care and tips and also work as a kindergarten school teacher.

- Lisa Finley

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Amanda Lindeman

• 35 minutes ago

What are the ingredients of this?



Lynna Cruz

• 2 hours ago

The ingredients are listed on the label and the website.

There’s only three: water, bittering agent, preservative



Jerry Poppe

• 3 hours ago

What the heck is a bittering agent?



Kerrie Parrish

• 3 hours ago

It’s really common actually like you can find it in sodas or it’s added to food for a bitter flavor.



Sadie Galloway

• 4 hours ago

How about excessive licking? My Husky puppy is licking her paws raw and I need something to make her stop.



Barbara Fleming

• 5 hours ago

No, this isn’t supposed to be sprayed on the dog’s body. I’d suggest consulting your vet for other options.



Chris Williams

• 6 hours ago

I’d love to try this on my furniture, but I’m scared it’ll stain it.



Brooke Kirchner

• 7 hours ago

Just test a small area first, that’s what I did! I haven’t had any issues and I use it on curtains, leather, cables, you name it.



Ruth Noel

• 8 hours ago

What about the smell and feel? Is this going to make my stuff oily? Is the smell strong?



Janice McGowan

• 9 hours ago

You won’t be able to tell that it’s on anything. Very lightweight feel and dries fast. The smell is not noticeable for me, but my Golden Retriever, Bruno, can’t stand it.



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