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Stop Putting Your Dog In Danger: New $19 Dog Seat Belt Protects Your Dog In The Car

What is a PawSafe Dog Seat Belt and how does it work?

Every day, thousands of dog owners drive their pups around in the car. The dogs walk up and down the back... climb all over the seats... and get in and out of the driver's lap. In case of a crash, this can be extremely dangerous for the dog — and it can be risky for anyone else in the car as well.

The PawSafe Dog Seat Belt is a breakthrough new invention that protects your dog in the car. One end of the PawSafe Seat Belt simply clips into any standard Seat Belt slot. The other end clips into your dog's harness.

The result is that with the PawSafe Seat Belt, your dog is safe, comfortable, and under control... while you get to drive without distraction or disturbance. Because you wouldn't allow an unrestrained toddler in the car — so why do it with your dog?

PawSafe Seat Belts are made of sturdy, high-quality materials

Highest-grade materials and design for your dog's safety and comfort

Many dog Seat Belts are made from shoddy materials. That means dogs can chew through it, and if the worst comes, these Seat Belts can fail catastrophically.

That’s NOT the case with the PawSafe Seat Belt, which is made of sturdy, resilient, high-grade materials. And thanks to its careful and clever design, it ensures your dog is comfortable — as well as safe — while driving in the car.

PawSafe Seat Belts are made of sturdy, high-quality materials

What makes PawSafe Dog Seat Belts ideal for protecting your dog in the car?

Tested and Proven
PawSafe Seat Belts have been tried and tested by 1,000's of dogs around the world and growing
High-Quality Materials
Each PawSafe Seat Belt is made from heavy-duty Nylon fabric and aerospace-grade aluminum
The PawSafe Seat Belt won't tear or break, and your dog won't chew through it
The Seat Belt adjusts from 53 to 74 cm and features a bungee that absorbs sudden shocks
The “No tangle” design allows your dog to get comfortable while still being safe
Fits Any Car
The PawSafe Seat Belt clips into any standard Seat Belt slot and fits any car model

“This Dog Seat Belt Saved My Best Friend’s Life”

John from Arizona likes to spend his free time cruising to parks with his dog, Felix and hitting the trails.

He told us that driving is definitely more challenging with a dog in the car, especially one as energetic as Felix. “Yea, that nut jumps from front seat to back, hangs out the passenger window...once he even jumped in my lap while I was driving on the highway,” John said.

We asked him if he had ever tried a dog seat belt, but John looked skeptical, saying “Felix would be too uncomfortable. He would probably struggle until he escaped.”

Nevertheless, John decided to put the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt to the test after we showed him several 5 star customer reviews. Here’s what happened.

John’s Review of the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt

Day 1:
My PawSafe Dog Seat Belt just arrived in the mail (fast delivery!) and I immediately took it out to have a look.

It’s a fine piece of work; really thick Nylon is used to make the restraint. I had to do the “chew” test, because Felix is a Houdini when it comes to chewing his way out of anything. An intense tug-of-war session ensued. PawSafe Seat Belt: 1, Felix: 0.

But what I love most about the design is that there is a built-in bungee cord that helps prevent whiplash in case of an accident. I’ve never even seen that on human seat belts!  

Day 2:
Today, I whispered the word car and Felix turned into Taz from Looney Tunes. That dog was a blur jumping around, so I felt hopeful as I grabbed the PawSafe Seat Belt for the first time.

It was boiling outside, and I dreaded the thought of assembling a seat belt. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I had the PawSafe belt hooked up and ready to go in a couple of minutes.

Best of all, Felix loved it. This seat belt has a clasp that attaches to your dog’s harness, and it swivels 360 degrees. My pup was able to sit down, lay across the back seat and stand up in any direction.

Day 14:
I’ve been using the PawSafe Seat Belt for a while now, but today was the day that I got into a small car accident.

Basically, I had to slam on the brakes when the car in front of me came to a sudden stop. It was too late, and I rear ended the vehicle. What a terrifying experience, but luckily, no one was injured- including Felix.

I don’t want to think about what could’ve happened if he hadn’t been wearing that restraint. He would’ve been flying through the windshield without any protection. The PawSafe Seat Belt saved my best friend’s life today.

After my car accident, I’ll never drive Felix around without his PawSafe Dog Seat Belt. Not only did it do a phenomenal job of protecting him, but the design gives him enough freedom to move around comfortably without feeling trapped. As an owner, I love the peace of mind I get from driving without distractions. This small tether has changed both of our lives for the better!

Unrestrained Dog
In Danger
Can disturb driver

In which vehicle models can you use PawSafe Dog Seat Belts?

PawSafe Dog Seat Belts are designed to fit into any standard set belt slot. So whether you have a compact car, an SUV, or a truck — and regardless of the brand and model of your vehicle — you can use the PawSafe Seat Belt to keep your dog safe while driving.

And because PawSafe Seat Belts are adjustable in length and simply clip into your dog’s harness, they can be used with dogs of any size — large, medium, or even handbag-sized.

PawSafe Seat Belts can be used in any make of car

Over 120,000 sold: Our final thoughts

Since launching earlier this year, PawSafe Dog Seat Belts have become a sensation, with over 120,000 Seat Belts sold to satisfied dog parents around the world. The company is working to keep up with demand, but it warns that supplies of PawSafe Seat Belts might run out temporarily if the current demand keeps up.

And no wonder. PawSafe Seat Belts are smart, safe, and responsible way to protect your pup while driving. They keep everyone in the car safer, and even ease many dogs’ travel anxiety. And that’s something that every dog — and their owners — can benefit from.

Where can you get a PawSafe Dog Seat Belt?

PawSafe Seat Belts are ONLY sold directly from the producer, and cannot be bought in stores or on Amazon.

Right now, the PawSafe company is offering a special 40% OFF discount for the next 250 buyers. Click the button below if you would like to see whether this discount is still available.

Customer Ratings

4.9 average based on 554 reviews






Mary Perelson13 minutes ago
Does it fit standard seat buckles like on my Camry?
Sylla Broweran hour ago
The PawSafe seat belt fits all standard seat belts. It worked just fine in my Jeep before that was totaled. Am now using it in my boyfriend’s Prius and it works just the same.
Bob Pappas2 hours ago
Is it safe to attach to the collar?
Shannon Easley3 hours ago
No, you need a harness. You don't want to snap your dog's neck when you brake.
Chris Hartman4 hours ago
Will my dog get tangled in it?
Heather Moss5 hours ago
It shouldn’t happen. In any case you can adjust the length of the harness to make sure he’s comfortable without getting all tangled up.
Emma Nicholas6 hours ago
Does this work for a cat?
Sarah Bowman7 hours ago
Yes, it will work for a cat. You should use a harness rather than putting it on the collar though.
Sharmi Rasa8 hours ago
Can my dog stick his head out the window if he's secured with this?
Steve Horka9 hours ago
Yes, he still has room in the back to adjust himself and even move around a bit. You can set it so he can put his head out the window, but I’d recommend goggles in that case.
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