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Dog Pulling On The Leash? Here's How To Quickly Fix it.

Walking the dog could be easy and relaxing for some, but if you have a tough puller… Walking is stressful, dangerous, and embarrassing all at the same time. 

Now, you’ve probably tried switching accessories from harnesses to collars to see which one would give you more control.

But if none of them works, the leash placement is most likely the problem...

You see, most dog walking accessories are designed with hooks placed behind their necks (collars) or heads (harnesses) – or if none, it chokes your dog to hopefully make them stop… We all know that doesn’t work for stubborn pullers! 

This is why our No-Pull Dog Harness exists. It’s specifically designed with stubborn strong pullers in mind.

This effectively stops bad leash habits without hurting your pooch and without extra effort on your end. 


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PawSafe® No-Pull Dog Harness offers 3 points of access – front and back leash attachment and a rear grip handle. This gives you maximum control and enables you to effortlessly train your dog to heel, even if they refuse to listen! 

This has an easy-on feature. Just put the harness over your dog’s head, buckle up the sides, attach the leash on the front, and that’s it. It only takes a few seconds for a hassle-free walk! 

Our No-Pull Harness is comfortable and secure. It contours to the body to prevent escapes and is fully adjustable to fit all dog breeds and sizes.

Make each walk a paws-itive experience for both you and your doggo - no more pulling, choking, and chafing! 


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