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    PawSafe® Grooming Bundle

    Buy Mouthwash and Eye Wipes, Get Ear Wipes for Free!

    The PawSafe® Grooming bundle has everything you need to get your home spa routine started!

    • Dog Mouthwash eliminates odors and plaque build-up for fresh breath
    • Eye Wipes gently removes residue build-up around the eyes and lightens stains
    • Ear Wipes eliminate ear wax, dirt, and odors while keeping doggie ears itch-free

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    Help your pet stay happy and healthy with the PawSafe Grooming Collection

    You want your precious pup to always look and feel their best, but sometimes even the groomer can’t remove those stubborn tear stains that appear under the eyes, or gunk in their ears. We've curated this bundle of our most popular grooming products to help your pup shine.

    The PawSafe Grooming Bundle

    Contains everything needed for a complete makeover

    Dog Mouthwash

    $39.95 Value

    Our specially designed dog mouthwash effectively eliminates bad breath in dogs while fighting tartar and plaque build-up. And it’s so easy to use! Just add the natural-based formula to your pet’s water bowl each time you refill the water.

    Eye Wipes

    $26.95 Value

    Our plant based formula is gentle, yet effective at removing eye gunk that forms due to allergies, sleep, and residue build-up. Non-irritating and allergy-free, it works to fade tear stains around the eyes and the face while preventing new stains from forming.

    Ear Wipes

    $26.95 Value

    The naturally derived formula is gentle, yet effective at removing odors, dirt, and ear wax from sensitive ears. Non-irritating and alcohol-free, it works to soothe itchy ears while preventing new residue from building up and odors from forming.

    Helping Pets Feel as Great as They Look

    Special Offer: Get Up to 50% Discount + Free Shipping

    What You Get With Our Feature Packed Pet Seatbelt...

    Tested and Proven: PawSafe seatbelts have been tried and tested by 100,000's of dogs around the world and growing.

    High-Quality Materials: Each seatbelt is made from heavy-duty fabric.

    Adjustable: Our seatbelt adjusts from 53 to 74 cm and features a bungee cord design aimed to reduce shock during any sudden jolts.

    Swivel Head Clasp: The 360° clasp was designed to avoid your dog getting tangled in the leash if they move around the seat.

    Fit For Any Vehicle: Since our seatbelt takes advantage of the regular, standardized car seatbelt buckle it will fit with the vast majority of compact, SUVs or trucks.

    Loved By Hoomans And Their Dogs

    Over 200,000 happy PawSafe® customers!

    Sally P

    “These wipes help so much. My Doberman has dry eye and this helps a lot in cleaning off the crusties before I apply his eye drops.”

    Jimmy S

    “I love that these come in wipes, so I can really get in there deep enough to clean without dripping more liquid inside the ears. These work great for my lab with floppy ears.”

    Andrea W

    “We tried dental sticks, minty treats, brushing her teeth...nothing worked on our Dachshund Cindy’s horrible breath. But this worked on day 2! This stuff is amazing!”

    How-to Use Your PawSafe® Dog Seatbelt

    It's quick, effective and works with your car seatbelt buckle.

    Fasten The Seatbelt

    Fasten the seatbelt clip directly into your car's seatbelt buckle fitting.

    Clip To Your Dog

    Attach the tether to the D-Ring of your dog's harness.

    Adjust For Comfort

    Resize the restraint to give your dog some wiggle room.

    Helping Pets Feel as Great as They Look

    Special Offer: Get Up to 30% Discount + Free Shipping

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The most common questions asked about using a dog seatbelt.

    You can safely use the wipes and mouthwash on dogs and puppies starting from 12 weeks old.

    Customer Feedback

    Here's what our customers think of the PawSafe® Dog Seatbelt.

    The PawSafe® Promise

    We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you or your pet don't get along with our products, you can return them within 90 days for a full refund. It's as simple as that. Just reach out to our customer support team and we'll make things right for you. That's our PawSafe® promise.