PawSafe® Portable Water Bottle

Our PawSafe® Dog Water Bottle is the most convenient way to ensure your pup stays hydrated anytime, anywhere.

  • 2-in-1 water bottle with a unique foldable bowl
  • Special nozzle prevents leaks and backwash
  • Safe and lightweight, manufactured from food standard silicone

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A Convenient Way to Quench Your Dog’s Thirst...

Whether you have a vacation planned or you and your best bud spend ample time outdoors together, having fast access to fresh water is crucial. But if you’re on the road, an extra water bottle and separate bowl take up space and can get messy.

Imagine having one compact product that you can take anywhere... Something that is safe, effective, and makes it easy to give your dog a drink.

No leaks, no polluted water, just the peace of mind knowing your pal is hydrated and ready for action.

Introducing the PawSafe Water Bottle with an Attached Drinking Bowl!

Now you don’t have to worry on those hot days when your dog needs a refreshing drink.

The PawSafe Water Bottle is cleverly designed with a flexible silicone cap that folds up into a bowl. Simply squeeze the bottle, and water fills the bowl. Your dog can lap it up right from your hand!

Best of all, we added a special rotational nozzle to ensure the bottle is leak-proof. When your dog is finished drinking, just fold the cap back down and tuck it into your bag and you’re ready to go!

Keep Your Pup Hydrated Anytime, Anywhere!

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What You Get With Our PawSafe Water Bottle...

Safe Materials: Our water bottle is BPA-free and made from high-grade silicone that is safe for your dog.

Compact & Lightweight: This water bottle can hold 520-ml of liquid, making it the perfect size to stash in a backpack while also holding enough water to keep your dog hydrated.

No Waste Design: The squeeze design ensures that water is never wasted or polluted water goes back into the bottle. Just squeeze the sides and fill the bowl to the desired amount.

Easy Clean: The water bottle parts are detachable, making it easy to wash and disinfect everything thoroughly.

Highly Versatile: Take the PawSafe water bottle to the beach, on hikes, walks, road trips, or sporting events!

Loved By Hoomans And Their Dogs

Over 200,000 happy PawSafe® customers!

Tom F

“My Labrador, Percy, and I go on hikes all the time, and I can’t tell you how much bag space this little bottle saves me”

Tanya S

“I bring this with me everywhere, just pop the cap up and it’s the perfect sized bowl for my Shitzu”

Lana D

“Great quality, the bottle is made from thick material that is strong and doesn’t have that plastic chemical smell”

How-To Use Your PawSafe® Portable Water Bottle

This is how easy it is to give your dog fresh water everywhere you go...

Fill ‘er Up

Use the handy Fill Line Indicator on the side of the water bottle to gauge how much water to pour inside.

Flip the Cap

The silicone cap folds up or down. When your dog is ready to drink, simply fold the cap up into a bowl that’s attached to the bottle. There’s no need for an external bowl!

Drink and Refresh

You can hold the bottle for your dog to lap water out of the bowl, or you can set the bottle on the ground and the bowl stays upright and stable.

Get Your PawSafe® Portable Water Bottle Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions asked about using the PawSafe portable water bottle

The PawSafe water bottle holds 520-ml/18-oz of water. We found that this amount is suitable for one dog, for a single outing. If you have more than one dog, we recommend purchasing a bundle to ensure each pup has enough water to drink.

Customer Feedback

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The PawSafe® Promise

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you or your pet don't get along with our products, you can return them within 90 days for a full refund. It's as simple as that. Just reach out to our customer support team and we'll make things right for you. That's our PawSafe® promise.