PawSafe® Calming Dog Bed

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Incredibly soft and uniquely designed to fit the canine body, our PawSafe® Calming Dog Bed helps pups of all sizes feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Round pillow design wraps your dog in a “hug” to ease anxiety
  • Plush, raised rims provide added support for sleeping
  • Extra padding and high-quality materials for long-lasting comfort
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Is Anxiety Affecting Your Dog’s Sleep?

Did you know that 40% of dogs experience anxiety in their lifetime?

As pet owners, we want our beloved fur pals to always feel happy and healthy, and one way to achieve that balance is with proper sleep. That’s why choosing the best pet bed for your pup is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

There are numerous designs on the market, but they’re not all created equal. Your dog needs to feel safe and secure wherever they nestle, just like animals in the wild. 

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Dogs Prefer the Round, Raised Design of the PawSafe® Calming Dog Bed

The PawSafe® Calming Dog Bed looks like a luxe pillow, but the clever design does more than just give your dog a plush place to plop down for a snooze.

The rounded shape and thick, raised rim provides your dog with the perfect space to nestle in and “hide” as if they’re snuggling against their mother.

This facilitates a feeling of security and calmness, especially since we utilize the softest, most durable materials to give your baby the comfort they deserve for years to come.

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What You Get With Our PawSafe® Calming Pet Bed

Expert Approved:Our bed is backed by pet experts for its safe and flexible design.

Durable Materials:Thick padding, a quality fur coverlet, and sturdy edges combat smells, dirt, and wear n’ tear.

Anti-Anxiety:The round shape mimics the warm, curled up body of a mother dog, hugging your pup to help them feel secure.

Multiple Sizes:Perfect for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds.

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Loved By Hoomans And Their Dogs

Over 200,000 happy PawSafe® customers!

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Jonas I.
"I was surprised by how soft this bed is, there is definitely more filling than others I’ve tried."
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Lena M.
"This bed has done wonders for my dog’s anxiety, she spends hours in it!"
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Ana B.
"Small size fits perfectly in my living room so my doggo and I can watch TV together."

How-to Use Your PawSafe® Calming Dog Bed

Enhance Your Dog’s Sleep Routine In Three Easy Steps…

What is Your Dog’s Weight?

What is Your Dog’s Weight?

Consult our size chart to pick the perfect bed for your pup. There are S, M and L sizes to fit dogs that weigh between 0lbs and 60lbs.
Unwrap & Install

Unwrap & Install

No assembly is required with the PawSafe® Calming Pet bed. Simply place it wherever your dog loves to nap. It’s easy to bring on car rides, too.
Stress-Free Snoozing

Stress-Free Snoozing

Watch as your pup’s anxiety melts away and they enjoy the benefits of proper sleep on a bed that supports canine behavior and body shape.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The most common questions asked about using the PawSafe® Calming Dog Bed

We utilize a specialized design that is round with raised edges to mimic the feel of a mother dog’s body. Your dog will feel safe and secure pressed against the soft contours, like being wrapped in a soothing embrace.

We only use the strongest, top grade materials that are tested for comfort and durability. This includes taffeta, bamboo, oxford, nylon and microfibres.

You can only find this product in our online store, guaranteeing the best quality and lowest price.

We offer four different sizes:

Small: 24in / 60cm diameter for dogs up to 25lbs / 11kg

Medium:  28in / 70cm diameter for dogs up to 45lbs / 20kg

Large: 32in / 80cm diameter for dogs up to 60lbs / 27kg

Yes, cats love the PawSafe® Calming Bed, too!