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Paw Balm
Thomas W. (Hobbs, US)
Found It

In the Marine K-9 Corps we used pad toughner on our dogs. Since I have been out ( 10 years ) I have yet to find anything out there like it. Thank you PawSafe for having Paw Balm.

Dog Mouthwash
WBJE1313 (Omaha, US)
Easy Teeth Cleaner

This is an easy way to keep our dog's teeth clean.

Dog Mouthwash
Victoria C. (Sacramento, US)
Gag Breath Gone

I tried every single idea and item on the market. My dog's breath was so bad it would make you gag. Pawsafe Mouth Wash was my last resort....IT WORKED!! And in only 3 days...I cannot say enough good things about this product...

Pet Nail Clippers
Kent F. (Midlothian, US)
Pleased with my nail clipper

The PawSafe nail clippers are well designed and work effectively. The light works to show the quicks and I appreciate the way the cuts nails are collected for disposal. Here are my sighthounds Franklin, Brenin and Teddy.

Dog Mouthwash
TERESA D. (DeLand, US)
PawSafe Dog Mouthwash

My dog has good breath and teeth are pretty good for a ten year old havanese. I am lazy at brushing his teeth but I believe this water additive does the trick. One thing could improve and that's the cost.

No Pull Dog Harness
Daniel L. (Bothell, US)
Pawsafe no pull harness

Greyhound approved no-pull harness. Our boy Neo (80lb) Greyhound ex-racer

Calming Dog Bed
DEBBIE K. (Gulf Shores, US)
Best beds ever!

Both my dogs love this bed. Got the medium size. Already had a small and a large. Sometimes they like them all stacked up.

Dog Mouthwash
Aleena A. (Cypress, US)
I can tell a difference

After one bottle of the mouthwash, I could tell a difference in my 12 year old dogs breath. The improvement was enough to get on an auto ship delivery of the product. It really helps.

Snuffle Mat
Sue S. (Syracuse, US)
keeps my dog busy for a long time

My dog loves the Snuffle Mat. She keeps busy and intrigued with her snout in there for about 15 minutes !

5-in-1 Dog Wash
Virginia K. (Hollywood, US)
5 in 1 dog shampoo

Lathers really well, which means don’t have to use a lot. His hair/fur is easy to comb. So far, so good. Arrived on time as promised. Thank you. Benji’s mom

Dog Mouthwash
Donna D. (Franklin, US)
Security in knowing my pup is getting the best and safest dog mouthwash.

Bernie, my special rescue pup, was born with a neurological disorder causing him to have seizures. So, I am very careful about what he eats or drinks. I researched pawsafe and liked their company mission as well as their natural products. My dog loves the taste of his water and drinks a lot more now and his teeth look whiter to me after just one week. Thank you for loving our fur babies and taking good care of them.

No Pull Dog Harness
Stephen M. (North Vancouver, CA)
A great product

This is the second harness that we purchased from Pawsafe. The quality is very high in my dog being a smaller breed with longer hair. It doesn’t seem to rub him as much as others do it holes him securely and he seems like a great deal.

Dog Mouthwash
Raenel H. (Atlanta, US)
Doggie mouth wash

I’ve used this product for a long time. Both our dogs benefit! It really does the job!

Anti-Chew Spray
Stephen O. (Falmouth, US)
Anti-Chew Spray

My pup started chewing a leg of our dining table. Pawsafe Anti-Chew Spray deters her from the leg and any other surface she shows interest in.

It looks great and it seems will work great. Great price, easy to order, quick delivery.

Snuffle Mat
Paulette E.O. (Lakeville, US)
Great fun for Rubie

So far she loves it. She turns it over & shakes it to make sure she didn’t miss any treats.

Anti-Chew Spray
Lorena B. (Fallon, US)
Anti-Chew Spray

Finally I found something that my pups leave alone. Your Anti Chew Spray works.

First time trimming my Paws''s nails at home. We were both nervous at first but we had success! Thank you. No more having to take him to have them done. Hurray!! Paws is the Lab mix. He is here with my granddog Loki.

Thank You!!

I searched online for 'the best pet nail clippers' and these came up as No.1 on a trusted consumer test site. After further research, and looking at all options, I chose these and I'm so glad I did. I love the LED light that really lets me see the quick in the nail, and I love how sharp the stainless steel blades are - I get a clean cut without the painful crushing so many cheaper brands cause. They are somewhat expensive, but my vet charges $13 for a trim (pet store charges $12), so they're paid for in two uses...
I am so glad I found these!

Pet Nail Clippers
Patrick G.
Excellent clippers

Did my research and found these to be the highest rated. So I ordered a set. I have an older large dog that weighs around 100 lbs. Wasn't sure if these clippers would accommodate his large claws. To my satisfaction they do! They are very sharp and have no difficulty clipping his nails. Plus the light makes it very easy to see where not to clip.

Pet Nail Clippers
Maureen S.

Totally satisfied with the naio clippers. Cery sharp for quick cut and the nail catcher is great. Have told my friends about what a great job they do.

Worked amazing

Got them today and couldn’t be happier. They worked great, so much better than other clippers I’ve tried. Told my kids to order them for their dogs. My dog actually didn’t cry and carry on like I was hurting her. I HIGHLY recommend!!

I had purchased two other brands of no pull harness. My girl is petite and they did not fit even XS. This harness fits great, and I love the padded section on breast bone. She has responded much better to this harness. Still pulls a little because she is a very excited little girl and loves being out and about. But soon settles down. Also love that I can use seat belt attachment with it.

I have a 'No-pull harness' for each of my hounds. They work well!

We love this harness! Bruce has worn it since he graduated from puppy life. This XL is more comfy for his neck chonk! Long lasting & durable, strong clasps & easy to put on!