PawSafe® Paw Balm

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Our all-natural paw balm is formulated to restore your dog’s paws and protect them from harsh terrain and weather conditions.
  • Moisturizes and heals damaged and worn-out paw pads
  • Protects against all weather, harsh terrain conditions, and even allergens
  • Suitable even for dry, cracked nose
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The PawSafe Promise

Keep those paw pads smooth, healthy, & outdoor-ready! 

Our dog loves to be around us. It doesn’t matter if it’s too hot or cold outside, or if the terrain is too rough or slippery.

We love their company but, unlike us, they walk around bare paws. Unfortunately, certain weather and terrain conditions damage their paw pads, causing them discomfort. If your dog loves adventures and it shows on their nose and paws, they deserve an at-home paw spa!

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This Is The All Year, All Terrain Paw Balm

Our paw balm contains tree nut oils and natural botanicals that effectively soothe, prevent, and restore dry, damaged nose and paw pads. Specially formulated to keep them moisturized and protected against rough elements and potentially harmful conditions. No need to force your pup in those cute, uncomfortable boots just to make sure their paws are safe outside! 

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Each Rub Brings In Lots Of Love & Protection…

Full Paw Protection

Strengthens paw pads for walking on hot/cold surfaces and rough terrain and reduces effects of allergens.

New Bonding Moment

Aside from protecting their paws, dogs can never resist a good, relaxing paw massage.

Restored Puppy Paws

Keeps their paw pads moisturized and healthy all year round!

Safe & Hassle-Free

Non-allergenic, easy-spread, fast-drying, non-staining, and doesn’t cause slippery paws.

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Loved By Hoomans And Their Dogs

Over 200,000 happy PawSafe® customers!

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Morgan T.
"Lifesaver! I love bringing my dog out for a hike. He loves it too but his paws got super dry and chapped. I made him wear bootsies and he hated them. But after trying this paw balm from PawSafe, his paw pads healed and never became too dry again."
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Adrian C.
"I’m never letting my dog out without this paw balm again. My dog LOVES going out for walks. Her paws were dry, discolored, and even started to peel. I’ve tried other balms, but the one from PawSafe made the most difference."
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Carmen M.
"Finally! A paw balm that’s neat and does the work. I love that it’s super quick and easy to apply. Not too thick, but also not too liquidy. Plus, it doesn’t leave stains on everything my dog walks on!"

How-to-Use The PawSafe® Paw Balm

Protect Those Paw Pads In 3 Easy Steps…

Clean & Dry

Clean & Dry

Clean their paw pads with water, make sure they’re free of any dirt/debris, and completely dry them.
Apply & Massage

Apply & Massage

Apply a small amount of balm on each paw pad and gently massage them until it covers the whole area.
Wipe & Enjoy

Wipe & Enjoy

Allow them to air dry and wipe off any excess. Once dry, let your doggo out and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions.

The most common questions asked about using the PawSafe® Paw Balm

For general paw maintenance and preventative care, you can apply the paw balm twice a day - before going out and before bedtime. However, for damaged paw pads, apply thrice a day. 

When applying the paw balm, you’ll notice your dog will try to lick their paws out of curiosity. While our Paw Balm is safe to lick, try to stop your dog from licking the balm off for maximum effectivity. 

Yes! Applying balms with vitamin E oil on your dogs paws will help soften their dry pads and speed up recovery of split, chapped pads. 

Rough paw pads are common in most dogs. There are so many factors, but the usual causes are: hot pavement, wintery conditions, and exposure to chemicals or allergens. 

To treat cracked paws, apply a small amount of our Paw Balm and massage your dog’s paw until the whole paw pad is covered. Do this thrice a day: morning, afternoon, and evening. 

Our Paw Balm is made with 100% safe and natural ingredients: Naturally Refined Shea Butter, 100% Pure White Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Hempseed Oil.

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We want you to be happy with your purchase. All our products are covered by our PawSafe® Promise which states that if you or your pet don't get along with our products, you can return them within 90 days for a full refund.

PawSafe® products come with a 12 month (from the date of purchase) guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Accidental damage or damage occurred through unintended use of the product is not covered under the 12 month warranty.