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The Razor Edge Pitbull: The American Bully That May Be Perfect For you

razor edge pitbull

If you love Pitbulls or American Bullies, you may have heard of the Razor Edge Pitbull and wondered if this dog is for you. When it comes to American Bullies, there is a ton of confusion about both the breed and the types, with many dogs being marketed as Bullies that don’t actually conform to the breed standard or aren’t registered with the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC). 

This is not the case with real Razor Edge Pitbull, as these bullies are dogs bred by one of the founders of the American Bully breed, making the real OGs. In other words, Razor Edge Pitbulls are dogs from a kennel (arguably a bloodline) that created the blueprint for the breed known as the American Bully.

It’s vital to do your research to know if this dog is right for you. So let’s explore the history, appearance, needs, and temperament of the Razor Edge Pitbull.

Razor Edge Kennels contributed significantly to various American Bully types, including the pocket Bully, XL Bully, and XXL Bully. However, the XXL Bully is not a recognized Bully type. As the Razor Edge founder is also a founder of the ABKC, these dogs are more likely to be standard American Bullies.

History of the Razor Edge Pitbull

The Razor Edge Pitbull was first bred in the United States in Maryland and Washington D.C. in the 1980s by Dave Wilson of Razor’s Edge Kennels and Carlos Barksdale. The goal was to create a Pitbull with a more compact, muscular build, blocky head, and gentle temperament. 

There is some debate over which breeds were crossed with the American Pit bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier to create the stockier Razor Edge Bully. Dogs like mastiffs have been mentioned, but this is unlikely. However, the broad chest, shorter, bowed legs, and giant head suggest English Bulldog or American Bulldog influence. 

These breeds may exist in the Bully breed today, but no dog with a Bulldog parent can be registered with the American Bully Kennel Club.

However, it’s important to note that these dogs started with game-bred Pitbulls, including a red-nosed Pitbull called Diablo. This means the foundation stock were dogs that were bred for dogfighting, and aggression toward other dogs in the Razor Edge Pit bull can be a problem. 

Therefore, we strongly urge responsible ownership of this dog, to invest in plenty of socialization, and avoiding letting this dog loose in dog parks or places where its fighting instinct could kick in.

Physical Appearance


  • Males 17 inches – 20 inches (43 cm – 51 cm)
  • Females 16 inches – 19 inches (40 cm – 48 cm) at the withers


  • 65 to 85 pounds (29 to 38.5 kg)


  • All colors are permissible except Merle.

The Razor Edge Pitbull is a medium-sized dog with a muscular build and a broad chest. Their head is square-shaped with a short muzzle, and their ears are usually cropped, although some breeders prefer to leave them natural. They are bred to have as much size and substance as possible but still be balanced dogs.

This sometimes creates problems in the Bully breeds, as the tendency to breed for extreme features can lead to severe health issues. The Razor Edge Pitbull should give the impression of having as much bulk as possible while still being functional.

These dogs are bred to give the impression of the most possible strength and power for their size.

This Bully’s coat is short and smooth, and it comes in various colors, including blue, black, and brindle. They also often come in dilute colors like lilac or blue and can be bi-colored or tricolor. If you want to get a good idea of what a real Razor Edge Pitbull looks like, you can see this video of some of the best dogs from the Razor Edge Pitbull bloodlines:

Temperament & Trainability

Despite their muscular appearance, Razor Edge Pitbulls are known for their gentle temperament and love of people. These are not meant for aggressive dogs, especially toward people. They are loyal and affectionate towards their owners and are often extremely fond of children. 

These dogs are eager to please, but their heavy bulk makes them unsuitable for too much activity. They are reasonably intelligent and trainable with consistency, patience, and many rewards. See our article on training stubborn dogs if you find them a little stubborn.

However, it’s important to note that, like all dogs, the Razor Edge Pitbull must be properly trained and socialized. They have a strong prey drive and may exhibit aggressive behavior towards small animals or other dogs if not trained to behave appropriately.

It’s important to work with a reputable breeder who breeds for temperament and provides proper socialization and training.

How much Does a Razor Edge Pitbull Puppy Cost?

Razor Edge Pitbull puppies from a reputable breeder typically cost between $2500 and $5000. Be highly skeptical if anybody offers a cheaper puppy, as it could be a scam. Likewise, ask for complete documentation before buying a puppy, including pedigree from the American Dog Breeder’s Association (ADBA) or the ABKC and health tests.

It may be difficult to find a verified Razor Edge Pitbull in a shelter, but since Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes are extremely common in shelters, we recommend looking for one that is up for adoption and needs a home. You can also see our article on overall Pitbull costs.

General Care

So let’s look at what you need to know about caring for a Razor Edge Bully.

Energy Levels & Exercise needs

The Razor Edge pitbull standard type is a low-to-moderate energy dog, as their bulky bodies are not built for excessive activity. 30 minutes a day of low-impact exercise like walking is usually fine for this dog, so long as they get extra time for playing and cuddles, as they are extremely affectionate.

Some Bully types, like the classic and the XL Bully, are leaner and more athletic. These dogs may need around 45 mins to an hour of daily exercise. But keeping the activity relatively low impact is still important to spare their joints.


The average lifespan of an American Bully is 10-12 years. However, with proper care, some can live up to 15 years. Find a reputable breeder to avoid serious health implications affecting their lifespan and quality of life.

Housing Needs

American Bullies are indoor dogs and thrive in a family environment with lots of activities. They should not be left outside for extended periods, as they may become bored, lonely, or anxious. A comfortable indoor living space is essential, with plenty of room to move around and play.

If you have a yard, ensure it is securely fenced so your Bully can play outside without risking escape.

Grooming Needs

American Bullies have a short coat that requires minimal grooming. They shed moderately, so weekly brushing with a slicker brush or shedding tool can help reduce shedding. Use a soothing hypoallergenic shampoo as these dogs are prone to skin issues.

Regular nail trimmingear cleaning, and teeth brushing are also necessary to keep your Bully healthy and happy. Both ear infections and severe dental disease are problems with these dogs, so always add dog mouthwash to their water to be safe and don’t neglect their ears.


A healthy diet is crucial for your American Bully’s well-being. These dogs should usually be on a low-calorie, high-protein food to avoid problems related to obesity and hypothyroidism. Do not let them overeat, as extra weight can seriously damage their joints.

The health of the Razor Edge Bully

Unfortunately, this dog is bred for extreme features and can be prone to many health problems. Some issues to look out for include:

Severe Health Issues

Mild to Moderate Health Problems 

  • Ear infections
  • Allergies 
  • Skin issues like skin fold dermatitis
  • Diarrhea or sensitive stomachs
  • Periodontal disease
  • Heat intolerance 
  • Obesity 

Final thoughts

The Razor Edge Pitbull is a popular breed of Pitbull that is known for its muscular build, blocky head, and gentle temperament. While the breed is still relatively new, it has quickly gained popularity due to its striking appearance and easy-going personality. 

Suppose you are considering adding a Razor Edge Pitbull to your family. In that case, it’s important to work with a reputable breeder and provide proper training and socialization to ensure that your new companion is a well-behaved and loving member of your family. 


Tamsin De La Harpe


Tamsin de la Harpe has nearly two decades of experience with dogs in rescue, training, and behavior modification with fearful and aggressive dogs. She has worked closely with veterinarians and various kennels, building up extensive medical knowledge and an understanding of canine health and physiology. She also spent two years in the animal sciences as a canine nutrition researcher, focusing on longevity and holistic healthcare for our four-legged companions.

Tamsin currently keeps a busy homestead with an assortment of rescue dogs and three Bullmastiffs.

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