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    At PawSafe, we are dog lovers just like you. And that means we want the very best for our fur babies- just like you! Our brand blossomed out of a simple desire to improve the safety and wellbeing of our dogs by designing convenient pet products that get tails wagging. The result is an award-winning collection that makes it easy for pet owners to take care of their pups without any hassle or stress.

    Dogs Deserve To Thrive

    PawSafe was founded by talented and passionate individuals on a mission to design pet care products that go beyond convenience. We understand that every day brings new challenges to pet owners, whether it's wrestling with a nervous pup to trim their nails or trying to drive safely with a jumpy dog in the backseat. In our minds, all dogs deserve to thrive, and that starts with mindful pet products that foster good behavior, while keeping your best friend comfortable.

    Our Process

    We don’t just ask if a product works. Our primary focus is on how your dog feels about it. Long gone are the ‘show them who’s alpha’ days where force was relied upon to get your dog to cooperate. Instead, our products incorporate safety and comfort to reduce anxiety. By combining expert guidance with in-depth testing, we’ve pinpointed exactly what traditional dog products lack, and improved the designs to turn them into products that dogs love.