Dog Shammy Door Mat
Dog Shammy Door Mat
Dog Shammy Door Mat
Dog Shammy Door Mat
Dog Shammy Door Mat
Dog Shammy Door Mat
Dog Shammy Door Mat

PawSafe® Dog Shammy Door Mat

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Our doggy door mat safeguards your floor and furniture from dirty shoes and messy paws, keeping your home clean and dry.
  • Quickly absorbs and locks in mud, dirt, grease, water, and more
  • Dries up quickly after every use
  • Machine washable, odor-resistant, and non-slip
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The PawSafe Promise

Constant Cleaning Can Be ExhaustingÔÇŽ

Our dogs enjoy their time outside, but their paws (and even our own shoes!) bring a lot of dirt, water, and grime when they come back in. This means our floors, carpets, and even our couches get dirty too!

Cleaning up can be frustrating when it feels endless. Not only does it add up to our daily chores, but it also steals away moments we could spend relaxing.

So if you find yourself constantly reaching for the mop, vacuum, and cloth, thereÔÇÖs a way to cut down on the mess and clean up time.

product in use
product in use

Step Into A Cleaner Home With Our Doggy Door Mat!

Our PawSafe┬« Doggy Door Mat is your homeÔÇÖs best line of defense against outdoor messes. With its thick, ultra-absorbent fibers, it can quickly trap dirt and moisture from your dogÔÇÖs paws and your shoes on contact.

This dries up quickly and resists odors, keeping it hygienic and ready for the next use. And with its anti-skid base, you can be sure it stays in place, providing consistent protection to your home! Beyond functionality, it's extra soft and aesthetic, making it a great addition to any home.

Why Every Home Needs A PawSafe® Doggy Door Mat

Let Dogs In & Out Without Worrying about the mess!


Instantly soaks up dirt, mud, moisture, etc on contact.


Dries up fast, making it ready for the next round of muddy paws (or shoes!)

Anti-Skid Base

Ensures the mat stays in place, preventing slips and movement.

Easy maintenance

Odor-resistant and easy to clean, just shake off or toss in the washer.

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Loved By Hoomans And Their Dogs

Over 200,000 happy PawSafe® customers!

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Brett J.
"With 2 active pups, my home was always a mess. But this mat reduced almost a big chunk of it. I now spend less time cleaning. Thank you so much!"
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Lila E.
"I live in a rainy area so muddy paws are a daily challenge for me and this has really been a lifesaver. Plus it dries really quickly too. Worth every penny!"
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Tom C.
"Never realized how much dirt my dog brings in until I got this Doggy Door Mat. Now my floors stay clean and the mat looks stylish too. Truly a must-have!"

How-to-Use The PawSafe® Doggy Door Mat

Effortlessly Keep Your Home Clean!

Position the Mat

Position the Mat

Place the mat in an area where your dog frequently passes.
Introduce Your Dog

Introduce Your Dog

Encourage your dog to step on or walk across the mat every time they come inside.
Clean & Reuse

Clean & Reuse

Shake off the mat outdoors or vacuum it regularly and toss it in the washer as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The most common questions asked about using the PawSafe® Dog Shammy Door Mat

Depending on usage, we recommend shaking it out daily and washing it once a week.

Yes! Our Doggy Door Mat is machine-washable. Use a gently cycle and air dry for best results.

The mat has a non-slip backing that grips even on smooth surfaces.

Yes! The mat's fibers are designed to trap debris like dirt and loose hair, making cleanup easier.

Yes! Our mat's quick-drying properties help prevent mold and mildew buildup.