Soft Touch Dog Leash
Soft Touch Dog Leash
Soft Touch Dog Leash
Soft Touch Dog Leash

PawSafe® Soft Touch Dog Leash

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Transform Your Walks With Enhanced Comfort & Control

"From leash burns to carefree turns! I had reservations about its comfort, but when I walked my dog with the Soft Touch Dog Leash, it was all about pleasant and controlled walks!"

This dog leash is expertly designed to give you superior control during walks while ensuring optimal comfort for your hands.
  • Secure grip and unmatched comfort with the padded loop handle and leash.
  • One-way, quick-clip carabiner for effortless and secure attachment.
  • 360-degree swivel clasp for tangle-free walks.
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Sore Hands and Walks: A Painful Combo

Do your hands ache after each walk? 

From managing your dog and preventing tangles, holding the leash can quickly turn daily walks from delightful to distressing!

Imagine your dog’s excitement being cut short because of the pain you’re feeling… 

Sadly, traditional leashes often lack the comfort and control you need for a pleasant walking experience. 

So if sore hands and frustrating walks are part of your daily routine, it’s time for a change.

product in use
product in use

Feel The Soft Touch Difference!

The PawSafe® Soft Touch Dog Leash features a soft, padded lining that’s a joy to hold and wrap around your hand ensuring painless walks.

But this isn’t just designed for comfort. Our dog leash is expertly engineered, combining nylon and neoprene, ensuring both superior comfort and an exceptionally high breaking point. 

Plus, the full-swivel clasp ensures the leash stays tangle-free. Finally, you can focus on the moments you share with your dog, free from hand pain or leash burns!

The Soft Touch Leash: Where Control Meets Comfort 

The Science Behind Our PawSafe® Soft Touch Dog Leash

Padded Loop Handle

Neoprene padded lining provides a comfortable grip.

Quick-Clip Carabiner

Attach and detach the leash with a simple, one-handed action.

Tangle-Free Design

360-degree swivel clasp guarantees uninterrupted walks.

High Breaking Point

Strategic blend of materials deliver high durability & long-lasting reliability.

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Loved By Hoomans And Their Dogs

Over 200,000 happy PawSafe® customers!

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Josh V.
"Can't express how much I love this leash! This makes our daily walks a breeze. Now I can walk my dog longer. Thank you PawSafe. My dog and I couldn't be happier!"
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George S.
"This leash is solid and comfortable! The tangle-free feature is great for our active walks and the carabiner is incredibly convenient. Highly recommend."
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Alex A.
"What a total game-changer! It's comfortable and durable at the same time. Truly a must-have for owners who get blisters and sore hands during walks."

How To Use Your PawSafe® Soft Touch Dog Leash

The perfect Walk Starts here

Attach the Lead

Attach the Lead

Secure the carabiner to your dog's collar or harness.
Comfortable, Ergonomic Grip

Comfortable, Ergonomic Grip

Hold on to the loop handle and guide your dog with leadership.
Walk With Control

Walk With Control

Enjoy a relaxing stroll with your dog without pain or hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The most common questions asked about using the PawSafe® Soft Touch Dog Leash

Yes! Our leash is designed to be versatile and can comfortably accommodate dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Yes. You can attach the leash to both collars and harnesses, offering flexibility for your dog's comfort.

A 100%! Although our carabiner features a quick-release, it can only be opened in one direction, ensuring it stays locked and prevents escapes.

Our leash is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe both sides of the leash and let it dry!

Absolutely! Our leash has the standard length, providing enough freedom and control.