Dog Poop Bags
Dog Poop Bags
Dog Poop Bags
Dog Poop Bags

PawSafe® Dog Poop Bags

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Sustainable Dog Poop Bags for Effortless Clean-Up

"From foul to fresh in a flash! I had my doubts about their strength, but when I used the PawSafe Dog Poop Bags, I was thrilled with how resilient they are. No more mess!"

Designed for eco-conscious pet lovers, PawSafe® Dog Poop Bags are your go-to for hygienic and mess-free walks, ensuring a clean and pleasant experience every outing!
  • Earth Friendly for a greener choice.
  • Extra Durable to prevent leaks and tears.
  • 100% Mess-Free ensures every use is a delight.
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The PawSafe Promise

Avoid The Hassles of Bag Malfunctions!

As a responsible dog owner, walking your dog and cleaning up after them is part of the routine. However, a situation we’re all unprepared for is the moment a poop bag starts to give way to odors, tears, and leaks! 

This all-too-familiar scenario leaves any dog owner desperate to avoid not just the embarrassment, but also the inconvenience of the extra cleanup that follows. Sadly, regular poop bags have gained a reputation for their letdowns which often happens at the most inconvenient times…

product in use
product in use

Switch To A Stronger, Greener Poop Bag

The PawSafe® Dog Poop Bags stand as the ultimate cleanup ally of dog owners and the environment. Designed with your convenience in mind, our poop bags are engineered with enhanced thickness & durability, so you never have to worry about untimely messes.

Crafted from plant-based materials, our poop bags are made to be compostable. So not only is this your cost-effective option, but it’s also a good way to improve garden soil, speed up plant growth, & reduce plastic waste all at the same time!

Benefits Of Using The PawSafe® Dog Poop Bags

Your #1 Reliable, Cost-Efficient, & Eco-Friendly Choice

100% Mess-Free

Our extra durable bags are odor proof, tear-resistant, and leakproof.

Large Capacity

Expands to 9” x 13” which is perfect for picking up large and multiple dog waste.

Earth Friendly

Compostable bags for zero plastic waste and improved soil quality.


Each roll is lightweight and fits any standard sized dispensers.

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Loved By Hoomans And Their Dogs

Over 200,000 happy PawSafe® customers!

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Emil R.
"I’ve tried various bags, but this one truly stands out. The thickness & durability is impressive, & I love knowing that I’m making an environmentally responsible choice."
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Sally J
"PawSafe’s poop bags are a lifesaver. I’m used to double bagging because they always smell and tear. But I haven’t experienced that since switching to this!"
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Alex T.
"This has become an essential item on our walks. Hate it when my bags break so the durability this gives me confidence and peace of mind, and their eco-friendliness is a huge bonus too!"

How To Use Your PawSafe® Dog Poop Bags

Achieve a stress-free & eco-friendly cleanup!

Prepare the Bag

Prepare the Bag

Gently separate the bag along the perforated line to open it.
Pick Up Waste

Pick Up Waste

Open the bag to clean up after your pooch.
Seal & Compost

Seal & Compost

Close the bag to secure its contents then dispose or bury in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The most common questions asked about using the PawSafe® Dog Poop Bags

Each of our poop bag roll gives you 120 bags. With 3 bags in every pack, you get 360 bags in a single purchase!

After your walk, make sure the bag is completely sealed to prevent spills. You can throw directly in the trash or bury in the soil.

Each bag expands to 9” x 13” which is perfect for cleaning up after large dogs. 

Yes! Our poop bag rolls are designed to be compact and lightweight to easily fit most standard sized dispenser. 

No, our bags are designed to be extra thick and durable to prevent natural leaks and tears you’d normally experience in regular bags.