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Canine Trends: A Nationwide Analysis of America’s Preferred Dog Breeds in 2023

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podium dogs is excited to unveil a detailed study aimed at identifying the most popular dog breeds throughout the United States in 2023. Our analysis aims to deliver comprehensive insights into which breeds captured the highest interest from January 1st to December 31st, 2023.

This report provides a snapshot of current canine preferences, poised to impact various sectors, from overarching pet industry trends to specific breed demands.

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States

Drawing on comprehensive search volume data from across the nation in 2023, we’ve identified the most sought-after dog breeds in the USA. Here are the top 20 breeds that have captured the hearts of Americans:

The remarkable interest in the Cane Corso could be attributed to several factors, including its striking appearance, loyalty, and protective nature, making it an increasingly popular choice for families and individuals seeking both companionship and security. Additionally, the breed's versatility in various roles, from guard dog to family pet, may contribute to its soaring popularity.

Notably, the American Pit Bull Terrier, despite not being recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), has garnered significant interest, tying for second place. This could partly be due to the breed's frequent appearance in the media and ongoing debates about breed-specific legislation, which have kept it in the public eye. While some of this interest may stem from negative publicity, it also reflects the breed's enduring popularity among dog lovers who value its loyalty, intelligence, and strength.

The French Bulldog and the Golden Retriever, each with significant search volumes of 838,000 and 673,000 respectively, also stand out in the chart, highlighting their enduring popularity in the United States. The French Bulldog, known for its charming demeanor and adaptability to various living conditions, continues to be a favorite among urban dwellers. Its low maintenance and companionability make it a sought-after breed for those seeking a small but characterful pet.

The Golden Retriever, on the other hand, epitomizes the ideal family dog, renowned for its friendly, tolerant attitude, and intelligence. Its popularity is a testament to the breed's versatility, excelling as a companion animal, in service roles, and in competitive events. The affection and loyalty of the Golden Retriever, combined with its ease of training, contribute to its high search volume, reflecting widespread admiration and desire for this breed among Americans.

Dog Breed Searches with Purchase Intent

Is there a connection between the general curiosity about dog breeds and the actual intent to purchase them?

To delve into this, we examined the popularity of various breeds, including their alternativ-e-archive names and abbreviations, in conjunction with queries indicating purchase intent, such as "For Sale" and "Puppies."

This approach helped us to discern whether the widespread interest in certain breeds translates into buying decisions.

A comparison with our prior dataset on nationwide breed interest yields notable insights.

The Golden Retriever stands firmly as the American favorite, affirming a strong link between its popularity and the intent to purchase.

In contrast, the Cane Corso experiences a notable decline in its purchase intent ranking despite its popularity, suggesting that high interest does not necessarily equate to high sales. This breed's situation illuminates a critical aspect of consumer behavior in the pet market: not every breed that garners interest ends up being purchased, with decisions possibly swayed by factors such as cost, breed suitability, and lifestyle compatibility.

In our exploration of purchase intent among dog breeds in the United States for 2023, it's also worth noting the enduring loyalty of dog owners to specific breeds, a trend exemplified by the German Shepherd. Despite lower overall search volumes compared to other breeds, the German Shepherd's high ranking in purchase intent indicates a strong, dedicated fan base. Many owners, having experienced life with a German Shepherd, often choose to welcome another into their home, demonstrating a deep-seated loyalty to the breed's characteristics and companionship.

Furthermore, the prominence of smaller breeds in the purchase intent rankings, such as the Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Pinscher, alongside the much-loved French Bulldog, suggests a shift towards dog ownership in smaller living spaces. This trend may reflect a growing number of Americans looking to become dog owners within urban environments, where smaller breeds are not only more manageable but also well-suited to the constraints of apartment living. The high ranking of these smaller breeds in purchase intent underlines their appeal to prospective dog owners seeking the companionship of a pet within the limitations of smaller, urban homes.

Top Dog Breed Searches with Purchase Intent Per State

The state-by-state analysis of the top 5 dog breeds with the highest purchase intent in 2023 illuminates intriguing deviations and trends in breed popularity throughout the United States.

The data prominently features the Golden Retriever's widespread appeal, securing its place at the forefront in nearly every state, closely followed by the French Bulldog's robust popularity. Despite these national trends, certain states display distinct breed preferences, diverging notably from the common choices.

The Cane Corso has emerged as the most popular breed in terms of purchase intent in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. This breed's rise in popularity in these states reflects a growing interest in large, protective dogs.

In Louisiana and Mississippi, there is also a marked inclination towards the Yorkshire Terrier, setting these states apart with their unique preference for a breed not typically dominating the charts elsewhere. This predilection might stem from a regional affinity for smaller, more companionable dogs, possibly influenced by the lifestyle or climate that favors such breeds.

Hawaii, on the other hand, showcases a particular fondness for the Miniature Pinscher as its top breed, a notable departure from broader preferences. This selection could mirror the island's lifestyle, suggesting a preference for smaller, lively dogs that are both manageable and well-suited to Hawaii's environment.

Montana presents an interesting outlier with the Newfoundland ranking among its top 5 breeds, a distinction not shared by other states. The choice likely reflects the state's appreciation for larger, robust breeds capable of thriving in its challenging terrain and cooler weather.

Similarly, New Mexico's elevated ranking for the Yorkshire Terrier echoes the preferences observed in Louisiana and Mississippi, indicating a regional favor for small, versatile breeds, which might be attributed to the state's living conditions that lean towards urban or semi-urban settings.

These deviations highlight the diverse dog breed preferences across the U.S., shaped by various factors such as climate, lifestyle, and possibly state-specific cultural inclinations. While larger, family-friendly breeds like the Golden Retriever and adaptable breeds like the French Bulldog are nationally favored, certain states demonstrate a clear preference for breeds that align more closely with their unique living conditions and cultural affinities.


Our comprehensive analysis at is underpinned by a rigorously developed methodology that employs sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques. Below is a detailed overview of our approach:

Data Collection

Our study began with a preliminary review of 543 dog breeds, narrowing down to a curated list that reflects a broad spectrum of public interest, as determined by search volume data. This diverse list includes breeds from the Akita to the Yorkshire Terrier, each chosen for their unique characteristics and popularity metrics.

We utilized Google Keyword Planner to extract search volume data for each breed, concentrating on keywords that signify both general interest and specific purchase intent. Terms like "puppies" and "for sale," when paired with breed names (e.g., "Akita Puppies," "Yorkshire Terriers For Sale"), allowed us to assess not only breed popularity but also potential market demand.

Acknowledging the complexity of breed names and the variety of terms used by enthusiasts and the general public alike, our study also gathered a comprehensive list of alternativ-e-archive breed names. This ensured our analysis was exhaustive and precise. For instance, "Frenchie" was included alongside "French Bulldog" to encompass the full extent of public interest.

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Chris Pollard, co-founder of, combines his enthusiasm for product development with a deep love for dogs, particularly his French and English Bulldogs. His passion for understanding canine behavior and health is reflected in his dedication to researching various dog-related topics, influencing the brand's approach to creating meaningful products.

Chris Pollard, co-founder of, combines his enthusiasm for product development with a deep love for dogs, particularly his French and English Bulldogs. His passion for understanding canine behavior and health is reflected in his dedication to researching various dog-related topics, influencing the brand's approach to creating meaningful products.